Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Beginning

A wedding blog should begin with an engagement story, right?

Aaron & I met in the fall of 1999, when he came to Purdue for graduate school. I was living in Indianapolis at the time, but came up regularly for SCA activities. We started dating in December of that year, and in May we attended our first camping event together (although we stayed in a hotel) - Baron Wars.

Baron Wars is held at Fort Meigs, a reconstructed War of 1812 fort in Perrysburg, Ohio. It's a beautiful park and a great event site - there's plenty of room, and sometimes they'll even fight through the walls of the fort. We don't always make it to Baron Wars, but we always have a good time when we do make it.

We had to go this year, because Aaron's friends are King & Queen of the Middle Kingdom (the Midwest, more or less). We knew it would be a fun event. What I didn't know was that while we were in Indianapolis getting ready, Aaron was sneaking out to the jewelry store while I was asleep. I was awake when he came home, but had no idea of what he'd been doing.

At the event, Aaron suggested we take a walk, to enjoy the view of the river. I still had no idea of what he was doing. I didn't catch on until he dropped to one knee and proposed, offering a beautiful 1920s/30s vintage ring.

I said yes :-)

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